"Strengthening Human Rights, Sustaining Peace"

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"The REGIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION shall perform within the autonomous region, the functions of the Commission on Human Rights of the central government”

its aim is achieve its goals practicing core values like Community-oriented and rights-based;Transparent and Accountable Partnership and Synergies; Apolitical, impartial, and evidence-based

Transparency Seal
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Transparency Seal

The Transparency Seal of Regional Human Rights Commission is evidence of the compliance with the conditions of good governance as set by National Budget Circular 542 issued by the Department of Budget of Management.

Regional Human Rights Poster
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Regional Human Rights Poster

The Regional Human Rights Commission together with the United Nations Development Programme launched its human rights poster that will be given to the communities in the autonomous region

Bangsamoro Human Rights Network
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Bangsamoro Human Rights Network

The BHRN is a network of over 100 agencies and individuals that are committed to addressing and improving the human rights situation in ARMM. It was formed and facilitated by RHRC in March 2013 and meets regularly in various locations in ARMM


  • Investigative Powers & Functions
  • Scope of Preventive Measures
  • Grant of immunity
  • Preventive suspension
  • Monitor non-state actors
  • Provide Annual Report


  • Advocacy in Government
  • Advocacy in Autonomous Region
  • Research
  • Coverage of Programs


  • Witness Protection
  • Financial Assistance
  • Legal Assistance Program
  • Protection of ARMM OFWs & Migrants
  • Create Ad Hoc Truth Commissions
  • Issuance of Certifications
  • Appeals;Prohibition against Injunction
  • Immunity from Harrassment Suits
  • Dismissal


Office of the Chairperson

Atty. Algamar Abubakar Latiph

Office of the Commissioner

Hon. Alikhan O. Abuat

Office of the Commission Secretary

Office of the Executive Director

Atty. Bai Ashrafia Aymee Biruar

Security Officer

Mr. David Roland Ramos

Administrative and Finance Office

Ms. Zoraya Masakal

Legal Office

Atty. Abdulnasser Badrudin

Education, Planning, Research, Linkages & Monitoring

Mr. David Roland Ramos

Investigation Office

Abdillah B. Ali, OIC

Knowledge Management Division

Ms. Jane L. Abdul

Linkages & Instruments Monitoring Office

Mr. David Roland Ramos


These offices are established to cover all areas of the Autonomous Region so to strengthen the advocacy and education of human rights

Maguindanao Provincial Office

The Regional office covers the whole Maguindanao area

Lanao Del Sur Provincial Office

The office is situated in Marawi City

BASULTA Sub-Regional Office

It covers Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi

Strengthening Human Rights in Autonomous Region

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