About RHRC

Directory of Officials

Regional Office

Atty. Abdulnasser A. Badrudin
Atty. Abdel Aziz T. Alih, CPA
Attorney V
Executive Director, designate
Atty. Nurwahid L. Lakim
Attorney III
OIC Head of Planning Division (PLD) / Deputy Executive Director - designate
Zoraya B. Masakal
Administrative Officer IV
Head of General Administrative Management Division (GAMD)
Bai Az-Maida E. Lidasan
Budget Officer II
Head of Budget Division (BGD)
Bae Malieha L. Rasuman
Accountant II
Head of Accounting Division (ACD)
Abdillah B. Alik
Special Investigator IV
Head of Investigation Division (ID)
Aiza Salakadang-Casimra
Information Officer II
OIC Head of Education, Communication and Linkages Division (ECLD)
Jane L. Abdul
Information Technology Officer I
Head of Information and Technology Division (ICTD)
Rhodemil I. Belonghilot
Administrative Assistant V
HRMO, designate / Human Resource Mngt. & Development Division (HRMDD)
Glaiza S. Orden
Administrative Officer I
Supply and Property Section (SPS)
Saadah G. Padilla-Kali
Administrative Officer III (Cashier II)
Cash Section (CAS)
Shahara P. Fernandez
Administrative Assistant III
Records Management Section (RMS)

Basulta Sub-Regional Office

Atty. Fatima Sarpina Hinay
Attorney III
Head of BaSulTa Sub-Regional Office
Atty. Alman-Najar L. Namla
Attorney III
Head of Legal Unit in BaSulTa Sub-Regional Office

Lanao Del Sur Provincial Office

Atty. Sittie Raifah M. Pamaloy-Hassan
Attorney IV
Head of Lanao del Sur Provincial Office
Aminoden M. Macaradi
Special Investigator III
Supervising Investigator of Lanao del Sur Provincial Office

Maguindanao Provincial Office

Atty. Norpaisa Paglala
Attorney III
Head of Maguindanao Provincial Office (MagPro)
Raiza A. Abas
Special Investigator III
Supervising Investigator of Maguindanao Provincial Office


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Regional Human Rights Commission
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