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ARMM Celebrates Bangsamoro Week of Peace.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Regional Human Rights Commission participated in a 6:00 AM “Walk for Peace” in celebration of the “Bangsamoro Week of Peace.” held at the ARMM ORG Compound. Hon. Mujiv Hataman was the first Regional Governor to declare a Bangsamoro Week of Peace. Governor Hataman, yesterday, certifying an urgent creation of the bill, “Darool Ifta” (an organization of ulamas). Together with the ARMM line agencies, the Regional Governor asked the participants to observe the 46th anniversary of the Jabidah massacre and take into account that if it weren’t for the tragedy, there will be no MILF 1996 peace agreement. Not all tragedies remain to become sad memories forever. It this case, there is good in what happened in the past. Gov. Hataman expressed that if the Jabidah massacre did not happen, employees of the ARMM would not be present in this occasion and employed in the government. There would not have been a creation of the MNLF and MILF; there would not have been a 1996 agreement; if not for the said agreement, there would not have been a creation of the ARMM and a future Bangsamoro government. We look forward to the future not for us or for the past but for the children, the future Bangsamoro.


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