RHRC Receives Award During Culmination of National Women's Month last April 2, 2019

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The RHRC received an award during the Culmination of National Women's Month conducted by the Regional Commission for Bangsamoro Women (RCBW) last April 2, 2019. Ms. Raiza A. Abas, Special Investigator III of Maguindanao Provincial Office gave a message. "From the women and men of RHRC, we would like to thank you for this award. RHRC has just started back in 2012 and now, on our 8th year, we are very grateful and blessed that the acts that we have done and are doing to elevate the status and conditions of Bangsamoro women are recognized. To note, we are already in the level 3 when we had our gender analysis using the GMEF, and last year, we have allocated 15% of our budget to GAD. Recognizing the rights of women is not new to us. Even before any international treaty has this effect, Islam has already raised the status of women. As believers, we know that our paradise lies at the feet of out mothers. The men, when they marry, complete the half of their deen, and in a hadith, blessed is a couple whose fist child is a daughter. Lastly, to treat women in the best manner as it was said that the best among you is the best to his wife. With these and through the support of our Chairperson, Atty. Abdulnasser A. Badrudin, a true ala-GAD, may we continue in making a better place for every Bangsamoro woman." - Ms. Raiza A. Abas, Special Investigator III


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